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Posted: March 29, 2013
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Vegalta in China!

Thanks to Mykuni-san for these fantastic shots of the warm reception the Vegalta fans received in China during their recent ACL encounter with Jiangsu Sainty.

The sheer distances involved in the area covered by the ACL creates some interesting problems in terms of travel for the fans – Already supporting in a country with high transport costs. Vegalta are one of the few J1 teams based in the northern half of the country, meaning that an away game can entail a round trip of up to 2-3,000 km.

The bullet train provides a quick solution but not a cheap one, with even moderate journeys costing around £200 return. To get round this, the fans drive huge distances – with one fan we spoke to planning top drive 10 hours to get to the Osaka game before getting straight on a plane to Seoul. It makes it all the more incredible then that Sendai have such a great away support at every game.